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Welcome to the
T.-Cossa Lab

We are a nanoscale biophysics and nanopore science laboratory.

Our research is dedicated to the development of novel techniques and methods to manipulate and characterize single molecules using nanopore devices, to unravel the basic physics governing the behaviour of biological molecules and polymers in nanoconfined geometries, and ultimately to translate these discoveries into new tools for the Life sciences, medical diagnostics, or next-generation data storage.


Our group is composed of researchers from diverse backgrounds, including Physics, Chemistry, Molecular Biosciences, and Engineering allowing us to tackle multidisciplinary problems with innovating solutions. We promote an open and creative lab environment.

Nanopore Science

Our research program is advancing the nanopore field by fabricating nanoscale devices, building instrumentation & milli/micro-fluidic chips, designing DNA nanostructures, or developing software. We are studying fundamentals of molecular transport, and also exploring different applications. Our science is propelled by the controlled breakdown nanopore fabrication method we pioneered.

Tech Translation

We aspire to make our research more accessible and openly provide many resources to democratize the nanopore field. We like to collaborate with other groups to investigate different uses of nanopores, and to work with industry to commercialize our discoveries and translate our proof-of-concept work into real-world applications.

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T.-Cossa Lab group

Our philosophy

We are strongly committed to providing a positive, supportive and equitable work place. Our group is composed of researchers from diverse backgrounds and experiences, allowing us to tackle multidisciplinary problems with innovating solutions and rigorous science. We promote an open, fun and creative lab environment. To learn more, read our lab manual.


For any inquiries get in touch.

Dr. Vincent Tabard-Cossa
Associate Professor
Department of Physics
STEM Complex
University of Ottawa
Ottawa ON, K1N 6N5, Canada