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Selected publications

Liqun He, Daniel R. Tessier, Kyle Briggs, Matthaios Tsangaris, Martin Charron, Erin M. McConnell, Dmytro Lomovtsev & Vincent Tabard-Cossa
Nature Communication 12, 5348 (2021)

Kyle Briggs, Gregory Madejsk, Martin Magill, Konstantinos Kastritis, Hendrick W. de Haan, James L. McGrath, and Vincent Tabard-Cossa

Nano Letters 18, 2, 660–668 (2018)

  • “Improved Techniques for Nanopore Enlargement” inventors: Matthew Waugh, Kyle Briggs, Vincent Tabard-Cossa. United States Patent Application. 63/042,637. June 23 2020. Patent Pending Licensed
  • “Controlling Translocating Molecules Through a Nanopore” PCT/US18/29939 Inventors: Kyle Briggs, Vincent Tabard-Cossa, Gregory Madejski, James McGrath. Priority date: April 28, 2017. Patent Pending Licensed
  • “Localizing Nanopore Fabrication on a Membrane by Laser Illumination during Controlled Breakdown” Publication number: WO2016135656A1 Application number: PCT/IB2016/051017 Inventors: Jose Bustamante, Kyle Briggs, Vincent Tabard-Cossa. Priority date: Feb 24, 2015. Patent Pending Licensed
  • “Nanopore Fabrication within Microfluidic Channels” PCT/IB2015/059799. Inventors: Radin Tahvildari, Eric Beamish, Michel Godin, Vincent Tabard-Cossa. Priority date: Dec 19, 2014. Issued and Licensed
  • “Fabrication of nanopores using high electric fields” Publication number: WO2013167955 A1. Application number: PCT/IB2013/000891. Inventors: Harold Kwok, Vincent Tabard-Cossa, Kyle Briggs. Priority date: May 7, 2012. Issued and Licensed
  • “Method for controlling the size of solid-state nanopores” Publication number: WO2013167952 A1. Application number: PCT/IB2013/000884. Inventors: Michel Godin, Eric Beamish, Vincent Tabard-Cossa, Harold Kwok. Priority date: May 7, 2012. Issued and Licensed
  • “Flow control method and apparatuses” Publication number: US20140090981 A1. Application number: US 14/043,710. Inventors: Kee-Hyun Paik, Yang Liu, Vincent Tabard-Cossa, Robert W. Dutton. Priority date: Oct 1, 2012. Issued and Licensed
  • Martin Charron (MSc. Thesis), “Optimizing the Single-Molecule Counting Process of Solid-State Nanopores”, September 2016 – December 2019 – read.
  • Eric Beamish (Ph.D. Thesis), co-supervised with M. Godin, “Biomarker Assay Development and Sensing with Solid-State Nanopores”, September 2012 – August 2019 – read.
  • Kyle Briggs (Ph.D. Thesis), “Applications of Solid-State Nanopores”, September 2013 – August 2018 – read.
  • Philipp Karau (MSc. Thesis), “DNA Labels for Improved Detection and Capture with Solid-State Nanopores“, January 2016 – January 2018 – read.
  • Radin Tahvildari (Ph.D. Thesis), co-supervised with M. Godin, “Integrating Solid-State Nanopore Sensors within Various Microfluidic Arrays for Single-Molecule Detection”, September 2012 – December 2016 – read.
  • Matthew Waugh (M.Sc. Thesis), “Modifying translocation kinetics and capture rate of biomolecules by interfacing a solid-state nanopore with a gel”, May 2013 – April 2015 – read.
  • Jose Bustamante (M.Sc. Thesis), “Nano- and Microfluidics for single-molecule spectroscopy”, August 2012 – August 2014 – read.
  • Wing Hei Harold Kwok (Ph.D. Thesis), “New Approach in Fabrication of Solid-State Nanopore for Bio-Sensing Applications”, May 2011 – December 2014 – read.
  • Tabard-Cossa, V. “Engineered Nanopores for Bioanalytical Applications – Chapter 3: Instrumentation for Low-Noise High-Bandwidth Nanopore Recording” pages 59-88 editors: Edel, J. B. and Albrecht, T.; Elsevier (2013) – read.
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Characterizing DNA origami with solid-state nanopores

DNA Origami Characterized via Solid-State Nanopore: Insights into Nanostructure Dimensions, Rigidity and Yield

Liqun He, Martin Charron, Philipp Karau, Kyle Briggs, Jonathan Adams, Hendrick de Haan, and Vincent Tabard-Cossa

Under Review

Manuscript in preparation

Unbiased Analysis of Nanopore Data

Zachary Roelen, Kyle Briggs, and Vincent Tabard-Cossa

In preparation

Extraordinary people



Liqun He, Daniel R. Tessier, Kyle Briggs, Matthaios Tsangaris, Martin Charron, Erin M. McConnell, Dmytro Lomovtsev & Vincent Tabard-Cossa

Protocol Exchange (version 1; posted 10 Feb, 2022)

Yi-Lun Ying, Aleksandar P. Ivanov & Vincent Tabard-Cossa

Nature Chemistry 13, 216–217 (2021)





2011 and before

  • Jetha N. N., Feehan C., Wiggin M., Tabard-Cossa V., Marziali A., “Long dwell time passage of DNA through nanometer-scale pores: Kinetics and sequence dependence of motionBiophysical Journal 100, 12, 2974-2980 (2011)
  • Paik, K. H.; Liu, Y.; Tabard-Cossa, V.; Huber, D. E.; Provine, J.; Howe, R. T.; Dutton, R. W.; Davis, R. W. “Experimental Demonstration and Analysis of DNA Passage in Nanopore-based Nanofluidic Transistors” Conference Proceedings of the IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting – IEDM (2011)
  • Paik, K. H.; Liu, Y.; Tabard-Cossa, V.; Huber, D. E.; Provine, J.; Howe, R. T.; Dutton, R. W.; Davis, R. W. “Efficient Control of DNA Motion and Translocation in Nanopore-based Nanofluidic Transistors” Conference Proceeding at the 15th Int. Conf. on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences – µTAS (2011)
  • Liu Y., Huber D., Tabard-Cossa V., Dutton R. W., “Descreening of field effect in electrically gated nanoporesApplied Physics Letters 97, 143109, 3 pages, (2010)
  • Godin M.*, Tabard-Cossa V.*, Miyahara Y., Monga T., Williams P J, Beaulieu L Y, Lennox R B., Grutter P., “Cantilever-Based Sensing: Origin of the Surface Stress and Optimization StrategiesNanotechnology 21, 075501, 8 pages, (2010) *These authors contributed equally to this work
  • Tabard-Cossa V., Wiggin M., Trivedi D., Jetha N. N., Dwyer J. R., Marziali A., “Single-Molecule Bonds Characterized by Solid-State Nanopore Force SpectroscopyACS Nano 3 (10), 3009-3014 (2009)
  • Branton D., Deamer D. W., Marziali A., Bayley H., Benner S. A., Butler T., Di Ventra M., Garaj S., Hibbs A., Huang X., Jovanovich S. B., Krstic P. S., Lindsay S., Ling X. S., Mastrangelo C. H., Meller A., Oliver J. S., Pershin Y. V., Ramsey J. M., Riehn R., Soni G. V., Tabard-Cossa V., Wanunu M., Wiggin M. & Schloss J. A.; “The potential and challenges of nanopore sequencingNature Biotechnology 26, 1146-1153 (2008)
  • Wiggin M.; Tropini C.; Tabard-Cossa V.; and Marziali A.; “Non-exponential kinetics of DNA escape from alpha-Hemolysin nanoporesBiophysical Journal 95, 5317–5323 (2008)
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  • Tabard-Cossa, V.; Trivedi, D.; Wiggin, M.; Jetha, N.; Marziali, A.; “Noise Analysis and Reduction in Solid-State NanoporesNanotechnology 18, 305505 (2007)
  • Beaulieu L.Y.; Godin M.; Laroche O.; Tabard-Cossa V.; and Grütter P., “A complete analysis of the laser beam deflection systems used in cantilever-based systemsUltramicroscopy 107, 422-430 (2007)
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  • Tabard-Cossa, V.; Godin, M.; Beaulieu, L.Y.; Grütter, P.; “A Differential Microcantilever-Based System for Measuring Surface Stress Changes Induced by Electrochemical ReactionsSensors and Actuators B 107, 233-241 (2005) – Erratum: Sensors and Actuators B 119, 352-354 (2006)
  • Godin, M.; Williams, P.J.; Tabard-Cossa, V.; Laroche, O.; Beaulieu, L.Y.; Lennox, R. B.; Grütter, P.; “Surface Stress, Kinetics, and Structure of Alkanethiol Self-Assembled MonolayersLangmuir 20, 7090 (2004) – Featured on the Langmuir journal cover
  • Quist, F.; Tabard-Cossa, V.; Badia, A. “Nanomechanical Cantilever Motion Generated by a Surface-Confined Redox ReactionJournal of Physical Chemistry B 107, 10691-10695 (2003)
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  • Godin, M.; Tabard-Cossa, V.; Grütter, P.; Williams, P.; “Quantitative Surface Stress Measurements using a MicrocantileverApplied Physics Letter 79, 551 (2001)